Liam's Bouree'

Ballade For Piano and Bass


 Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Words Won't Hide Your Eyes originally recorded in 1978

Danse Con Brio

Sheep Ablaze

Barbery Pirate




 The Polyhedral Cathedral

Slingshot To The Moon

 Tactile Pterodactyl - The Rhodes Jacoby Project

 FTS - The Rhodes Jacoby Project

The Keith Emerson Suite


Faure Play

Jazz Prelude No. 1

Autumn in New York

Strings Attached

Into The Mist

Mood For Thought

Fantasie for Piano and Bass Instruments

Night Sky

Past The Edge

Snake With The Firehat - from the first Everfriend LP "Tropicsphere" 1980 be on remastered VOD Records vinyl release August 2016

Claire De Lunatic

New Earth Concerto (1st Mvt)