Liam's Bouree'

Ballade For Piano and Bass


 Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Words Won't Hide Your Eyes originally recorded in 1978

Danse Con Brio

Sheep Ablaze

Barbery Pirate




 The Polyhedral Cathedral

Slingshot To The Moon

 Tactile Pterodactyl - The Rhodes Jacoby Project

 FTS - The Rhodes Jacoby Project

The Keith Emerson Suite


Faure Play

Jazz Prelude No. 1

Autumn in New York

Strings Attached

Into The Mist

Mood For Thought

Fantasie for Piano and Bass Instruments

Night Sky

Past The Edge

Snake With The Firehat - from the first Everfriend LP "Tropicsphere" 1980 be on remastered VOD Records vinyl release August 2016

Claire De Lunatic

New Earth Concerto (1st Mvt)


String Theory

Taking on a new collection of music designed to challenge String Theory listen to the latest from Dr Bill Rhodes

Suites For Modern Orchestra

A new take on the traditional orchestra this is a brand new collections of works composed, arranged and played by Dr Bill Rhodes

Sweet Suites

Suites is a collection of original pieces composed for electronic orchestra realized in a more human manner than most techno/elec works presented today..The nuances are classical, jazz, metal, and others...all composed without any sequencing or computers...

Rhodeworks Vol. 2

This is a brand collection of work by Dr Bill Rhodes includes a variety of tracks from 1994 to the present

​Einstein's Victrola

This is a brand new release from Dr Bill Rhodes and includes The Keith Emerson Suite written as a tribute to the legendary keyboard player Keith Emerson who played with The Nice and Emerson Lake and Plamer

"As If Suspended By Clouds" 

As If Suspended by Clouds is a CD of electronic orchestral sound track music, digital sampled (Gigasampler Yamaha C7) piano, and acoustic piano.

Some tracks were remastered from former IC/Digit releases and new ones added....A great deal of vintage "crème de la crème" keyboards were used on this CD...Emu Emulator II,Ensoniq EPS Sampler,Korg M1 can be heard...

The title track "As if Suspended by Clouds" is a powerful soundtrack piece that features a middle section of string instruments (cello,violas,) realized on the Emulator.

"Contemplation" is a piano opus that has gotten much airplay in the past..."Air for Strings and Piccolo Trumpet" is a composition reminding one of Bach's Air on a G String but features solo trumpet..."Rhapsody for Long Beach" is a tranquil piano piece using Gigasampler Yamaha C7 as the software whilst playing a Studiologic controller for the performance keyboard...Other tracks run the electronic orchestra gamut thru digital synth performances...Enjoy!

"Rhodesology" is a collection of works from 1994 to present. Danse con brio (Dance with Fire) is an electronic ensemble featuring digital finger tip drumming...Cobalt is a powerful soundtrack piece that incorporates many percussion instruments. Also in the mix...Adagio for Strings by Rhodes is a beautiful serene composition that gives a more optimistic mood than it's Barber counterpart sometimes called the saddest piece of music ever written. Emulator strings and percussion (tympani,triangle,and celeste) are featured on this opus. No Hold Barred Blues a I IV V blues piece that goes beyond the typical. Coda is a synth guitar piece. 20th Century classical nuances abound!

"Jazzical Keys"

CD is a re-issue of the original Jazzical on the Tangerine Dream IC/Digit label circa 1992 most of the recording was done on the unique Akai MG1212 12 track beta recording desk. Although this album concentrates on the early sample based synths,as well as FM instruments, it also is very fretless bass oriented.

Some of the offered tracks are soundtrack, fusion, a bass alone piece aka Stanley Clarke, synth orchestrated tone poems, a trance opus, a compound metered composition featuring lead electric violin and others in the electronic genre and a bass tribute to Jaco Pastorious don't expect any patterned sequencing or industrial German go on forever arpeggios.

All playing is done without sequencing or computer fingers. Jazzical Keys is orchestrated and at others features solo or small synth ensemble works. The word Jazzical was used because Bill's indie label in 1980 was called Jazzical Records. His style goes from baroque thru classical into modern classical and prog rock and some ELP RTF, and Yes nuance's are suggested in some of the tracks...

"Compositions" is the latest collection of electronic orchestra, small electronic ensembles, and acoustic piano realizations... Some tracks are multi-track recordings while others are real time performances with no overdubbing...

Various sampling software and analog and digital synths are being used in the mix... Please enjoy these tracks and purchase the CD from the link below.