Music Fans, Welcome to Symphonic Piano!

Dr Bill Rhodes is a former College Professor of Music and Tech at Monmouth College and USF New College..

He is a true Prog Rocker since 1971 when he established the prog rock group Everfriend the US answer to ELP (!) in 1972.

Bill has worked as a product specialist and keyboard designer for Korg, Kawai, Akai, Fatar, Studiologic, Crumar DS-2 Keyboard, first polyphonic synth after the famous Polymoog...

He was signed to Tangerine Dream's IC/Digit label in 92 and released CD with Rick Wakeman and TG in the mid 90s.

He has composed tributes to Greg Lake, Dr John, Chris Squire (YES), John Tout (Renaissance), David Bowie , Frank Zappa et al. They can be heard on his youtube channel..

He has authored 4 books..including textbooks and others...

He is also brass train consultant and co-writer for Brass Train Guide...

Dr. Bill, has been and still is a music educator for more than forty years. He has degrees in composition, as well as science and technology. 

From the late 70's onwards, Bill has released six albums on the Innovative Communications label (Hamburg, Germany) and two CD's on the Jazzical label...since 2021 he has created over 80 albums of his own...

Please enjoy the music..Music is art that should be given to the world...


Dr Bill Rhodes is available to play Concerts and House Concerts.

Genres include jazz, classical, soundtrack and original piano.

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The Emerson Suite - 2017

C'Est La Vie (Greg Lake)

The Ascending


Gabriel's Oboe

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