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Dr. Bill Rhodes is a musician, composer, producer, author, engineer, and he has been a product specialist for various keyboard companies since the early 1970's.

Dr. Rhodes has worked with many of the great electronic musicians of our time. He has been involved in the field of electronic music since the very first midi invented in 1983 and was instrumental in the growth and development of the electronic music genera as a legitimate form of musical expression.

He has been associated with many well known electronic and prog-rock musicians. He was featured on a double CD with Rick Wakeman and was signed to Tangerine Dream label, IC/Digit. He has been a consultant for many music ensembles as a product specialist. As an expert in the field, he continues to advise on equipment and product development in the electronic music world.

The name Symphonic Piano was coined because the music of Dr. Bill Rhodes composes features various nuances of an electronic orchestra and acoustic piano, hence the name symphonic piano.

His styles run from classical to prog-rock, soundtrack, fusion, electronica and other areas of the musical spectrum. Please listen to the tracks that are offered as samples by visiting the Music and Video pages of this site.

His currently released CD's can be purchased on this site and you will find digital downloads available in all major stores such as iTunes, Amazon and many more. You can also find Dr Bill's music on Spotify and other streaming services.

After the recent death of Keith Emerson, legendary keyboard player in Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Dr Bill composed and release The Keith Emerson Suite as a tribute and this will soon be featured on a new album.

Currently, Dr. Rhodes is signed to VOD ´╗┐Records, Germany with the future (Vinyl) release in late 2016 of at 4 LP box set.

Previously he was signed to labels including IC/Digit, Germany (Tangerine Dream's Label) and Jazzical Digital, USA.

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Bill Rhodes has released over 30 albums on 3 different labels.

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