Dr Bill Rhodes is a former College Professor of Music and Tech at Monmouth College and USF New College..

He is also a true Prog Rocker since 1971 when he established the prog rock group Everfriend the US answer to ELP (!) in 1972.

Bill has worked as a product specialist and keyboard designer for Korg, Kawai, Akai, Fatar, Studiologic, Crumar (DS-2 Keyboard, first polyphonic synth after the famous Polymoog...

He signed to Tangerine Dream's IC/Digit label in 92 and released CD with Rick Wakeman and TG in the mid 90s

He played concerts all all around Europe in the 90's

He has authored 4 books..

He is also brass train consultant and co writer for Brass Train Guide...

Dr. Bill, has have been a music educator for more than thirty years. He has a master’s degree in composition, knowledge of electronic musical instruments, Bill is currently a composer-pianist, product specialist and consultant.

From the late 70's Bill has released six albums on the Innovative Communications label (Hamburg, Germany) and two CD's on the Jazzical label.

Bill was also featured with Rick Wakeman from the group Yes on a double CD released on the Arcade label.

Currently performing in Arizona..he is also signed to VOD Records in Germany who has released a 4 LP Box Set in late 2016 which was a retrospective of Bill's work since the days of the progressive rock band, Everfriend.

Bill has also compiled and released more than 20 albums in the last year with more to come.

These are exciting times...